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still life with apples

still life with apples
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The kitchen has finally reached an end. All the house stuff has been on a 2 week delay because of things going on in my personal life and so this week was the first week to actually get back on track with the house work. Tomorrow begins the puch towards finishing the master bathroom. There is some tile that still needs to be cut, some grouting and the reassembly of the shower stall. But in all thats about it. (some other deatils around the house and it will be ready to move). I am so ready.


The Shower Contiues

the main floor
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So I got the shower floor tiled and then had plenty of mortor left over so I did the entire rest of the bathroom floor while I was down there on my knees.. =) turned out good. I really like the tile. I got used to having the concrete floor in the bathroom and this is really close to a formal concrete floor. I really like mortor and the whole Zen of tiling. Thinking about working on the master bedroom floor this evening (at least getting a lot of it knocked out ) I really want to get the master bedroom back in shape so that I shift other things in the house and start also working on the kitchen. Pixi helped me yesterday get most of the kitchen cleared and the living room straightened up. (there had been lots of construction things gathering around the hearth and studio area. Very clean and neat now)


The Halloween Push

the closet and bathroom wall
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Got up early this morning with a family emergency. The emergency turned out to be infected sinus' and drugs were applied and the patient put to bed. So I was up and decided to put in several hours getting the walls touched up as well as several fully painted. (just need to hit those top edges against the ceiling and I'm done with this) And then got back from work and started looking at the tile and decided to cut tile and get the closet and WC tiled so that I put the toilet back in there. It's currently living in the bathtub and I need to get started on the TSC(trisodium chloride)process to strip the bathtub and get the resurface on it. (very exciting) So it's now 8:00 pm on Halloween and I've had a few trick o treaters (high excitement for the playdoh) and I've gotten over half of the tile laid and am thinking about painting the ceiling still. Big Push. =)


Oct. 29th 2006


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The Shower Stall

the third batch and drying
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So I got down to what I was going to do with the shower base. My plan had been resurface it and build it back with tile sides. but when I got down to the base and started looking at it I discovered that it was cracked in several places. I then decided to pull it out and have a look to see what was under it and was disappointed to discover that it had indeed been leaking through the cracks (even thought they seemed pretty small and not a big deal, there was a good ammount of moisture under the base. So Sunday I took the base out of the plan entirely and took the leap into full construction and redid the base as a masonry pad. There's 3 50lb bags of Mapei Ultraflex in there (doesn't look like that much mortor, but it really is). Wore me out. Mixing and carrying that much mortor in through the house was tough. I had forgotten how tough this can be. Everything else in comparison is pretty light duty (painting, grouting, plastering, etc) So with the time change (did I mention that I really don't like daylight savings time.. messes me up everytime) and the toating I was pretty dead by 8 o'clock and went to bed. But then was back up at 11:30 cause it seemed like I had slept forever. Several days from now I'll be into the pattern of DLSTime but at first it just makes my body go all weird.


10 or so hours later

Better shot of the WC
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Here's the master toilet area after the end of the day. The tile is going to look great and I can't wait to get the actual layin gif the tile. Tomorrow (sunday will be the big tile cutting day and floor)

The WC is prepped and the toilet is out

The Big push has been on this weekend to finish the master bathroom. Been going well (check the next blog posting) and I'm getting excitied about being finsihed and getting on with the next phase which will be the Selling. Houses around here have been selling pretty well. SO i'm very positive about the possibilities.


The Shower

the shower area
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This is where the shower used to be. I pulled down all the surrounding shower stall. (really it was just big sheets of faux marble plastic) and have it ready for the trash on wednesday. Going now to lowes to get the backerboad to reassemble it properly with tile and grout.


The Master Bath (dismantled)

the shower and tub
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And so here it is.. the master bathroom in all it's dismantled glory. It had really bad flowered wallpaper and it was coming off in places so I spent an hour or so just ripping it all off the walls. I Got most of it but still need to get up on the ladder and get the last bits up near the ceiling. I'm going to put a layer or two of Killz over it and that will seal it nicely before I put Sachet (dark lime green color in the bedroom ) on one wall and Teacup on the other (teacup is also in the office). There is also tile for the floor and the plan (fingers crossed) is to rebuild the shower and tile it as well. I felt a little daunted by it this afternoon but I think I'll be back on it tomorrow and all will be good.

The Guest bathroom

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In starting the master bath I realised that if I took the shower apart in there, I needed to start bathing in the guest bath I decided to get the guest bath into shape today by cutting out all the bad chalking job and redoing the actual grout like it should've been done in the first place. So I spent a few hours today reworking the grout in there.